Diet & Hygiene

We feed whatever it is you feed your cat(s) at home, even down to the little treats and tit-bits you may give.

We have a great variety of all wet foods and complete dry foods. We are happy to provide them with both wet and dry if you require. If your cat has a special diet we will do our best to accommodate their needs, but please inform us on booking so we are prepared.

All of our guests are fed twice daily, morning and late afternoon (please advise us if a lunch time feed is needed).

We clean the litter trays morning and late afternoon, but of course we keep a check throughout the day, and will clean again if necessary.

As our cattery is brand new, and sparkly clean and we will be keeping it this way. The chalets are cleaned with the best animal disinfectant to keep to the highest standard of cleanliness at all times.


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